Jennifer – Obunga Women’s Group

After her husband’s death, Jennifer was poorly treated by his family. With her four children, she went back to live with her mother and sister. With her first loan, Jennifer bought corn, boiled it, and then sold it in the market. Now on her third loan, she has provided funds that allow her mother to also buy corn to boil and sell. Together, Jennifer and her mother support eleven people in their household.

As a marginalized young widow, Jennifer had low self-esteem and little hope. Through her participation in the micro finance program, she is now confident in her ability to provide for her family. Jennifer is the Treasurer of the Obunga Women’s Group. This group has become far more than just micro finance accountability. They now meet a second time each week to share their lives and to support each other. They have even begun donating to a welfare ‘kitty’ so that they can help each other when a need arises.

Jennifer selling her boiled corn

Jennifer selling her boiled corn

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