Caroline Juma

Caroline Juma

Caroline Juma’s thriving retail business had very modest beginnings.

Caroline Juma is a member of the ‘Wachara A’ women’s group. She is a mother of four children, and her first born son is in secondary school.

Caroline owns a retail shop within the Wachara center. She started her business in July 2010 in a small way by selling water and mobile phone accessories, with the equivalent of  $500, provided by her husband who is a driver at a company within Kisumu. She enrolled in MEDD (Microfinance Enterprise Development Department) in 2013. She expanded her business with her first loan and is now serving her third loan of $2,000. With each loan, she has expanded her shop and added stock. Caroline’s shop is one of the busiest within Wachara, and her income is double the initial capital she used to start her business. Caroline no longer depends on her husband’s income to buy stock. She knows what is needed and how to procure it.  Caroline has seen growth through micro finance and is particularly happy with the way that MEDD makes installment payments easy to manage. She is delighted to be able to meet the needs of her family.


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