Kennedy Onyango’s Fish Business

Fishermen  on Kenya's Lake Victoria supply Kennedy's fish mongering business.

Fishermen on Kenya’s Lake Victoria supply Kennedy’s fish mongering business.

Kennedy Onyango is a microfinance client in the St. Emily Wachara group. He helped to form the group of 15 active members in February 2014.

Kennedy works for Life for Children as a security guard in the Wachara office. He has one child who is 10 years old and attends Hempfield Academy. Kennedy enrolled in our microfinance program with the intention of opening a business for his wife. With a first loan of $125, his wife started a fishmonger business purchasing from the fishermen by Lake Victoria. (Lake Victoria is the source of tilapia supplied to Europe.) Kennedy continues to work as a security guard at night and assists his wife with the business during the day. Working two jobs allowed him to repay the first loan within 5 months.

Kennedy now has a second loan of $312.50 which he has almost repaid. He says that he has seen a great improvement in his family’s well-being as their business continues to thrive. Steady growth has allowed them to gradually purchase larger quantities of fish.

Kennedy has much praise for the Heart for 100 program and is looking forward to additional development opportunities for himself and other members of the community.