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For more than three decades throughout the developing world, micro finance has become a powerful tool in the fight against poverty.  Micro loans have provided one of the highest returns of donations to its recipients while creating a renewable flow of funds and the chance for many to raise themselves out of poverty to become financially stable.

In January 2013 with donations of $30,000, Life for children Ministry created its Microfinance Enterprise Development Department (MEDD). MEDD provided financial tools and training to qualified individuals who were – for the first time in their lives – able to borrow a small amount of money to start or expand a business of their own choosing.

With the support of MEDD staff and mentors, along with peers in their investment circles, many are succeeding. They are successfully repaying these loans and may then apply for second or third loans at gradually increasing amounts. As the program grows, new loans are also being made to others.

What began as a small effort in 2013 has quickly expanded. To date, over 760 Kenyans are participating in the micro-loan program and in small accountability and support groups.  Success with their new businesses has brought hope, purpose, and self-esteem. Its impact on the lives, families, and community is enormous.

In order to continue to grow, expand and empower more of those seeking to change their lives through micro enterprise, Heart for 100, a fund-raising web site for MEDD was launched in January 2015.

Each gift to Heart For 100 can change the lives of many families and their communities, year after year as the money is recycled through the program.

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