Life for Children Ministry

Life for Children Ministry is a 501(c)(3) charity that reaches out to the children of Kenya who have been orphaned by the AIDS/HIV pandemic. Our philosophy is that placing these children with their extended relatives in their native communities helps preserve their heritage and self-esteem. Life For Children Ministry (LCM) provides food, clothing, healthcare, education and most importantly Christian faith to give these children a better chance in life.

Many of the Guardians for the orphans supported by Life for Children Ministry are widowed women who have little or no opportunity to earn money to help support their families. Women in Kenya are not usually educated or trained to earn money, so they are often exploited when they need to provide food for their families.

In order to provide the essential tools and training these women need to start and run their own small businesses, LCM formally established its Micro Enterprise Development Department (MEDD) in January 2013.

‘Heart for 100’ is the fundraising site for the Micro Enterprise Development Department (MEDD) of Life for Children Ministry.

Life for Children Ministry in action

  • Equal numbers of boys and girls are educated through LCM
  • The children look forward to fun at LCM Vacation Bible School.
  • Medical exams are offered during LCM Mission Team visits.
  • Michael stresses the importance of clean drinking water.
  • The Mission Team works with orphans in Wachara.

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