Our Leadership in Kenya



Michael_bioMichael Agwanda

Founder and CEO

Michael Agwanda is the founder of Life for Children Welfare (Kenya), Youth Initiative Network, as well as a missionary with The Mission Society and vice-president and CEO of Life for Children Ministry USA. Michael has a background in HIV/AIDS training, marketing, research, and theology and is currently working on a master’s degree in community health and development. His passion is in reaching out to the orphans of HIV/AIDS and vulnerable children in Kenya. As an orphan of HIV/AIDS himself, Michael speaks from first hand experience. Under his leadership, Life for Children Ministry has a mission to reach out to orphans of HIV/AIDS and vulnerable children, by providing shelter, food, health care, education and spiritual nourishment.

Michael is married to Dr. Lolla Agwanda.  They have three boys of their own and six orphans under their care.


jackW_bioJack Wanjare Ndisio

Credit Manager

Selected by Michael Agwanda to head the micro finance department, Jack is the true heart of the program. Working daily among the many groups, as well as in the main office, his duties vary from daily communication to long term planning for the program.

Jack’s genuine care and strong belief in every person he works with shines through every thing he does. He serves as Chair to the Loan Committee and is responsible for performance and financial reports. From training loan participants on how to run a business to managing the overall loan portfolio, Jack’s strong commitment to the micro finance program has been crucial to its outstanding success.

Jack’s wife has a small hair salon and his daughter is preparing for her national exams to enter University.



Kevin_bioKevin Owuor Obunga

Credit Officer

Working closely with Jack, Kevin serves as a day-to-day contact for the loan groups in Kisumu. He helps monitor their progress, support their businesses and also works with the interns from the local university who volunteer with the program. Kevin himself worked with the micro finance program as a volunteer before becoming part of the staff.

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Emily_bioEmily Awuor Adika

Credit Officer

Emily lives and works in Wachara. While she meets with and supports the loan recipients there, she is a vibrant, active role model for all the women in the area. Some of her duties include maintaining records via the micro finance software program, and she makes regular visits to the main office in Kisumu. Her calm and beautiful spirit is a true asset to Heart For 100, and she is well loved and respected by all the people she works with.