The Heart for 100 Story

Heart for 100 has become reality thanks to the vision of many people. But one woman, in particular, found her heartstrings tugged by the women of Kenya. Linda Foster, a successful businesswoman, saw herself in each woman she met, and was drawn to help. Her investment of time, talent and treasure has been instrumental in establishing the micro loan program. Under her leadership, Heart for 100 has helped some of the most marginalized women in the world find inspiration and strength to transform their lives.


Through Heart for 100, some of the most marginalized women find inspiration and strength to transform their lives.

“I went to Kenya because my brother invited me. As a retired pediatrician, he was accompanying a group whose mission is supporting children who’d been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. I travelled out of love for my brother, but I came back with the women and children of Kenya embedded in my heart.


Linda Foster and her brother

In spite of their dire conditions, the children were happy, but the women were a different story. In Kenya, a woman has little power, and many of the women I met had hopelessness in their downcast eyes. No hope for educating their own children – or the orphans many of them take to raise. No money for school fees, books or uniforms. No way to improve their lives and break the cycle of deep poverty.

It broke my heart and I prayed for months with a group of women at Holy Innocents’ asking myself and God how I could help. How could I help the women I met? What could I do to support them, to help improve their lives and rise from the hopelessness of poverty?

I learned that small groups of these women who gathered to support each other had also begun taking up collections and carefully recording contributions. They started distributing the funds to members of the group as ‘small loans’ to help them start and grow businesses. What began organically was rapidly becoming a greater and greater need. So it was in supporting the development of this Microfinance program that my heart was led.

Please read about the program and the incredible success the participants are having. Then, I hope you’ll join me and have a Heart for $100 by donating money for one loan … or several. As new groups form every week, there is an urgent need for funds to help supply more loans. When you have a Heart for 100, you’ll be empowering people to change the course of their lives, and as well as building the communities in which they live.”

Thank You!


Linda Foster

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